Sample Biography for an Individual

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Lucie Sky, Esq. is an attorney and partner at Sky Corporation since July 2000. With an impeccable record of winning 9/10 cases, she represents clients in structured settlement cases. In earlier litigation and settlement cases, she won with a benefit of $10 million on behalf of her clients whose finances were wrongfully taken from them.

After completing B.S. in Political Science at University of Minnesota in 1997, she enrolled at University of Minnesota Law School and graduated in 2000. She was the team leader on Negotiation Team and they won first place in National Championships in 1999.

She is affiliated to National Attorneys Association for Financial Services and National Association for Ethical Business Practices-Annuities.

But don’t think she doesn’t know how to have fun. She enjoys singing at local talent shows, painting Picasso replicas, and building model airplanes. Aside from that, she currently attends a culinary institute to learn French cooking techniques.

Lucie Sky, Esq. donated to Breast Cancer Support Fund. She volunteers in Ecuador mountains every Christmas.

She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Superman Might not Exist, But Bad Credit Loan is Here to Save you

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Bad credit loan is now one of the most helpful remedies for people who were unlucky to have a not-so-good record. It is the only option for them. Superman might not exist but this one will really save them. What is bad credit loan? No, it’s not really a “bad loan”. It is the kind of loan for people who have the record of having bad credit or simply bad records of credit.

Kinds of Bad Credit Loan
For you to be sure that you’ve chosen the right kind of bad credit loan, you must be familiar with the existing types of it. The list includes personal loan, signature loan or note, credit cards, and payday loans.

Diverse personal bad credit loan are lurking out there. What you need to do is be smart enough to choose. Renowned institutions that offer this service are always better. Dont’ try your luck from the unknown ones. You might end being used as an experiment. Plus, don’t forget that a membership fee isn’t necessary in usual bad credit loan institutions. Or let’s suppose they can prove their legitimacy. Which one would you choose? A lender who’s ready to lend you without asking for any membership payment, or someone who asks for money first?

Undoubtedly, the most cost-effective among the four is personal loan. If you will compare it with the others, you will see that the interest rates of it are apparently lower.

Signature loan also known as note loan is a short term one. More often than not, it lasts up to three months.

I bet you already know the facts about credit cards for it is the most type of loan nowadays. Even children know that from credit cards, you can get a loan.

And last, the maximum amount that you can borrow through payday loans is $1,000. Normally, 8-15% is the interest and therefore, it is the most costly among the types of bad credit loan•Jenn Besonia

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The Existence of MBE

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When I came across the site of Jonathan Danos, this was the statement that grasp my attention: Continuing to seek export opportunities in the region and other related opportunities.

Well, almost all people are looking for opportunities. What’s great about Jonathan Danos is, he doesn’t just look for an opportunity to help his own self. He seeks for opportunities to help other people.

Jonathan Danos, an MBE, received his award after doing his services on British Exports to Central and South America. He isn’t just lucky to receive the MBE award. He really deserves this MBE award because of what he has done in the past and of his continuing projects that certainly help people.

Therefore, if you’re thinking that having the MBE award is very impossible nowadays, trash that belief. Jonathan Danos is a living proof that noble people like him really exists. And if you can’t still believe, try visiting his site to see his diverse achievements with your own eyes•Jenn Besonia

Diverse Reasons to Receive MBE Award

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MBE, the acronym for My Bloody Effort (according to the cynics in the civil service) are people who are members of the British Empire. But, you should mind that “a bloody effort” isn’t necessary to have this award. Jonathan Danos, a UK resident is one of these noble people who has the order of MBE.

Although MBE like Jonathan Danos seems to be the most noble part of the British Empire, it is not the highest rank in it. Knight Grand Cross (GBE) or Dame Grand Cross (GBE) is the highest. Following are (in decreasing order) Knight Commander (KBE) or Dame Commander (DBE), Commander (CBE), Officer (OBE) and the least in the rank is the MBE.

According to John Lennon, most people receive the MBE award for their heroism in war. He even called it “for killing people”. And he said the entertainters deserve this award more. But I don’t think those who receive their award for heroism in war is directly associated to “killing people”. Killing is very differnt from defending.

There are diverse reasons for receiving this award and there’s no better or worse among these, as shown by Jonathan Danos.

Jonathan Danos received his own in 2000. Her Majesty the Queen gave this award to him for services to British Exports to Central and South America.

No doubt, Jonathan Danos is the man who should be imitated for his being noble.•Jenn Besonia

Passion for Horse-Riding

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Modern equestrian competition is a life-style game.

This statement’s one of the beliefs of a group called Long Riders’ Guild. Yes, I love the belief too and it somehow inspires me to try this “modern equestrian competition”. The group is composed of people who have the passion and love for horse-riding in their long journeys and Jonathan Danos, who studied spanish in Madrid, is one of these wonderful people.

Jonathan Danos is also one of the people who view the above belief in a positive way. Sadly, most people translate it into negative–humiliation and disappointment. However, for Jonathan Danos, equestrian is not like this. It’s more of a travel, and not a game. You need to learn new techniques that will lead to your own success and not to the distraction of other horse-riders. Yes, success without affecting other people is one of the great things that Jonathan Danos believes in.

Now I know you’re becoming more and more interested to become a part of this Long Riders’ Guild. But just like any other club, Long Riders’ Guild set qualifications too.

The most important qualification to become a member of this group is you need to be someone who can continually ride a horse for at least 1,000 miles. Be like Jonathan Danos. His love for travelling doesn’t make him tired despite of continuous horse-riding•Jenn Besonia

Repo Houses for your Dreams

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Repossesed houses or typically known as repo houses are one of the most affordable kinds of home. Thanks to this, having the house you ever dreamed of can now be easier despite of having no sufficient budget for it. What’s great here is you can even own one without the need of sacrificing your other properties.

Simple Meaning
From the word itself, repo houses are estates that have been repossessed because of the borrower’s inability to pay back a mortgage on its due date. Therefore, if you’re a person who needs to pay a mortgage, be sure to pay it on or before its due time so that your property won’t end up into one of the repo houses available now in the market.

Reason of its Cheapness
Usually, banks who have just got repo houses from borrowers are in a hurry to sell these. They’re afraid that the house would soon need repairs and maintenance and if ever this happens, the bank would just spend more money for the repo houses. Which bank would like to do such thing? Of course, there’s none, unless a bank you know’s like a “charity bank”. Banks immediately look for potential buyers who could pay them equivalent to the mortgage the previous borrower hasn’t paid.

The Auction Process
This is the most usual kind of selling repo houses. The one who has the highest bid will apparently have the privilege to buy it. Through this process, repo houses sellers/institutions get higher amount of money. For the potential buyers, it is always advisable to start bidding by low amounts. Who knows, you might just be the one interested in those repo houses and there’s actually no other person willing to bid. God might be on your side and you might be the only one who wants to bid on the repo houses you’re dying to have. This would save you a large amount of money and it could also lead you to one of the best repo houses•Jenn Besonia

Gift Giving in a Special Way

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Christmas is very near! Because of this, you might have already planned which gifts to buy for this year’s Christmas. With this erratic economy, you should really be careful and smart enough on buying gifts, something that your friend or family will treasure for a life time. Actually, your gifts don’t need to be expensive. There are a lot of cheap gifts out there that your love one will surely appreciate.

How can you do that? Well, I can give you some tips on how to choose superb gifts that don’t require large amount of money.

Do you have the skills in baking? That’s great then! The recipient of your gifts would surely like your gift if you bake some cookies and muffins for them. You can also add diverse kinds of teas along with these mouthful foods. To make these foods more special, purchase a basket and wrapper from any store. By the way, if you also know how to make jams and jellies, you can also give these ones along with the muffins. It doesn’t cost that much and the better thing is, it’s good for the health of the recipient.

For your friends who are addicted to things that would make them prettier and cleaner, you may give them a basket which is full of body wash, scrub, and bath and body lotions. These items are inexpensive and you can even design your own basket. Fill this basket with scents. Just be sure that you know what kind of scent your friend likes.

What about your friends who are hooked to coffee? You may purchase a box of coffees that have different flavors. You can also give this along with the basket of muffins.

Aroma therapy candles might also satisfy your friend. Buy a CD that contains mellow music so your friend can relax while doing his aroma therapy using candles. The CD and candles are available almost everywhere but if you’re having a hard time looking for one in your place, you may just purchase via online. Some sites offer 50% discount.

Your bookworm friend will be delighted if you give him some books. With the emerging “book sale” stores, books now are not costly. But if you buy in a book sale, make sure the book you’re going to give to your friend does not look dilapidated.

For your music lover friend, give him a CD of his favorite songs. Compile those songs into one CD. I bet he will really like that gift!

Giving gifts doesn’t really need to be a heavy burden for you. Use this occasion to show your love to your family and friends by simply giving the “special” gift to them.

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