My unexpected addiction to Queen Seon Deok

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My unexpected addiction to Queen Seon Deok

by Jenn Besonia 

I WAS EATING LUNCH WHILE WATCHING “Monsters vs Aliens” at home on a boring Wednesday afternoon. My dad told me he wanted to watch “Queen Seon Deok.” A bit irritated, I let him change the DVD.

Queen Seon Deok? Isn’t that the ridiculous historical drama on GMA7? What’s so great about that series? I thought silently. I just couldn’t understand why my level-headed dad wanted to watch it. And I had no choice but to watch it, too.

I was a bit confused with the characters, they all looked the same. But I found myself hooked, given its unpredictable scenes.

On weekends, as soon as I wake up, I would automatically sit before the TV to watch the series. I’d stop only when it’s time to go to bed, usually at 10 p.m., but extended to 1 a.m. It is even harder for me now to stop the habit.

Never mind that my eyes were already as dry as the desert in QSD. Never mind that sometimes I didn’t take a bath anymore.

My friend Betty shares the addiction, taking a pause only to go to the bathroom or to sleep.

My parents wouldn’t allow my TV addiction, but the situation changed, especially when I’m hooked like my father. My father is a man with sound judgment. He doesn’t usually waste time over TV dramas, but he is addicted to it too.


What got our family and friends hooked?

The setting is thousands of years ago, which probably contributes to its unpredictable plot. We don’t know how the ancient people would think and react to each situation. It is the uncertainty, with interesting history, that keeps you glued.

It is also exciting to watch who will win between the “forever young” antagonist Mishil and the protagonist Deokman. You will even learn more about tactics and politics. I used to wonder how the “evil” person could make any person obey him. I realized they strategize. Like the antagonist, she gives people whatever they want. In return, she wins the trust of the people.

It is also interesting to see the struggle between ignorance and knowledge. Some characters take advantage of other people’s ignorance.

I don’t know about my father, but my sisters, my friend Betty, and I, and other QSD fans (who are even boys!), became so addicted to QSD because of one person: Bidam! He was called the “secret weapon” of QSD. There’s something captivating about his character, he was able to put life into the series. And cheesy it may seem, he won my heart and million others!

Aside from his funny scenes, he was also able to portray innocence, playfulness, romance and can also be evil at times. Kim Nam Gil, who played Bidam in QSD, even won in MBC drama awards 2009 for playing Bidam.

Tragic ending

The sad ending of the series depressed me. The image of Bidam’s bloody face has been on my mind. To erase it, I needed to print Bidam’s photos showing him smirking. I put it in between pages of my Law book. I check it whenever the tragic face of Bidam haunts me.

Yes, after almost one week of being hooked on QSD, I’m done watching the 62 episodes.

But does the addiction stop there? Of course it doesn’t! I will watch it again for the nth time. And hey, I have yet to stalk Kim Nam Gil in Korea.

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