Jejebusters: The jejemon haters

May 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

My cousin is a jejemon.

I didn’t know and I didn’t care about it until jejemons became a national issue and until I saw her typing in “jejenese” on Facebook.

Concerned, I gently told her to please stop typing in jejenese form if she didn’t want to be a subject of mockery.

“Besides,” I said “the jejenese typing makes me dizzy. And if you get used to that kind of typing, you might submit a written project to your teacher, without knowing that the spelling of the words were wrong. You don’t want your teacher to throw your project to you, right?”

She said okay. And I really hoped she understood my concern.

Jejemon Haters

But not everyone treats jejemons like I do.

Forums, Chat rooms, Facebook, Twitter, almost everywhere on the internet, many people talk about jejemons. Jejemon haters pollute the internet by excessive ridiculing jejemons.

Maybe they think jejemons would change because of the mockery. But they are so wrong. The jejemons just tend to be defensive and don’t get the main point of the issue – that their “textmanship” is incorrect. The mockery doesn’t help at all. It just worsens the jejemon issue.

They seem to find pleasure in humiliating jejemons. Perhaps it makes them feel better. But If you’ll think of it, jejemon haters are worse than jejemons. Unlike the haters, jejemons don’t negatively affect other people. Their words just make me dizzy, really.

Low IQ

Some say jejemons have low IQ. But I don’t believe in them. Their textmanship doesn’t say much about their IQ. To say that jejemons have low IQ is so discriminatory.

“Jejemonism” is not a product of having low IQ. As I have observed, it is a product of culture. The jejemons type in jejenese either because they want to have their own style of texting, or because they think being a jejemon is cool. Don’t most of us try doing something when someone tells us it’s “cool”?

Help them change

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that being a jejemon is fine. But hating jejemons isn’t good either. Instead of mocking them, let’s try to put ourselves in their shoes. Then and only then we can figure out how we can help them change.


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