The Existence of MBE

June 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

When I came across the site of Jonathan Danos, this was the statement that grasp my attention: Continuing to seek export opportunities in the region and other related opportunities.

Well, almost all people are looking for opportunities. What’s great about Jonathan Danos is, he doesn’t just look for an opportunity to help his own self. He seeks for opportunities to help other people.

Jonathan Danos, an MBE, received his award after doing his services on British Exports to Central and South America. He isn’t just lucky to receive the MBE award. He really deserves this MBE award because of what he has done in the past and of his continuing projects that certainly help people.

Therefore, if you’re thinking that having the MBE award is very impossible nowadays, trash that belief. Jonathan Danos is a living proof that noble people like him really exists. And if you can’t still believe, try visiting his site to see his diverse achievements with your own eyes•Jenn Besonia


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