Passion for Horse-Riding

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Modern equestrian competition is a life-style game.

This statement’s one of the beliefs of a group called Long Riders’ Guild. Yes, I love the belief too and it somehow inspires me to try this “modern equestrian competition”. The group is composed of people who have the passion and love for horse-riding in their long journeys and Jonathan Danos, who studied spanish in Madrid, is one of these wonderful people.

Jonathan Danos is also one of the people who view the above belief in a positive way. Sadly, most people translate it into negative–humiliation and disappointment. However, for Jonathan Danos, equestrian is not like this. It’s more of a travel, and not a game. You need to learn new techniques that will lead to your own success and not to the distraction of other horse-riders. Yes, success without affecting other people is one of the great things that Jonathan Danos believes in.

Now I know you’re becoming more and more interested to become a part of this Long Riders’ Guild. But just like any other club, Long Riders’ Guild set qualifications too.

The most important qualification to become a member of this group is you need to be someone who can continually ride a horse for at least 1,000 miles. Be like Jonathan Danos. His love for travelling doesn’t make him tired despite of continuous horse-riding•Jenn Besonia


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