Horse-Riding's Adventure and Fun

June 8, 2009 § 1 Comment

There’s no doubt that adventure is always part of our lives and for some people, riding horses on long journeys is one of the best adventures that ever existed on Earth. Because of this, Long Riders Guild was created, hoping to have more members who are hooked into horse-riding.

Jonathan Danos, born in Cyprus, is one of the members of Long Riders Guild who have travelled from one place to another while riding horse. Surely, for Jonathan Danos, riding horses is not just a hobby. It could be useful too. Through this, travelling would surely be more fun.

Jonathan Danos is also one of the Long Riders Guild’s members who believe that equestrian travel is not a game. Violence and conflict are not allowed. This simple “rule” of riding horses for journeys is very different from having competitions. It is more safe, it is more friendly. Personal excellence is the main goal of Long Rider’s Guild and Jonathan Danos is one of those horse-riders who have achieved this goal.

Undoubtedly, members of Long Riders Guild are men of adventure and fun, just like Mr. Jonathan Danos•Jenn Besonia


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  • dogkisses says:

    Hi, I have a friend who is on a long ride too. She is not a member of the Guild, as she has not completed 1000 miles yet. She is riding though. At first the 1000 miles was the goal. Now it is simply riding. “To just be the best she can be in each given moment,” she said yesterday. She understands about treating a horse well and her dog, Reno too!
    I am inspired by long riders who do it for the pleasure and not to compete.
    Thanks, dogkisses. I’m also on here at

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