How to Find a Site That Will Really Help You to Make Money Online?

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Many people are now asking how to make money online. Probably it’s because they’re currently unemployed. Maybe they are also bored in their life so to make a change, they want to try working at home.

There are so many forums that are discussing how to make money online. A lot of people suggest for a site but most are fraud ones. I know you’ll also argue that there is no legitimate site where you can make money online. This is because you haven’t tried it yet.

Actually, there are tons of websites out there that have a slogan of “make money online”. I know this easily catches your attention. You can work any time you want at home. Who doesn’t like such thing? But, you should also be intelligent enough to distinguish scam websites from the not.

So now, I want to share my knowledge about choosing website where you can really make money online. By keeping the following things in your mind, scams won’t have a space in you.

Ask Your Real Friend

The best way to find a site that will help you to make money online is to ask your real friend who has an experience in this. It’s always better to ask for help from pals. And I mean real friend, not the fake ones. The latter might just put you straightly to a scam site. It’s up to you how to know who your real friend is. You’re already an adult so you already know that.

Google It Up

Once you have the name of the site that will help you make money online, dig the information about that site on the internet. That’s the use of Google.

When searching for information about the site, be witty also. If the positive feedbacks (in the form of article) just came up from article directories, it just shows that the site itself is the one who made that review. They just want to market their site. An example of article directory is Ezine and Articlesbase.

But if you’ve found a review about the site that seems to be true, try contacting the one who made the review and ask him further about the site you’re searching for.

Sign up and See if You Need to Pay

Usually, the official websites that offer jobs at home don’t ask for any registration payment. I’m not saying that all websites that ask for registration payment are scams but most are really fraud. So for your safety, don’t pay upon registration. Anyway there are sites that don’t ask for payments, so why register on looks-like-scam sites?

Don’t continue your registration process if you need to pay. Immediately leave their site.

Scam Websites will Please You

I’ve encountered one website like this. I signed up and then I saw that I needed to pay. Obviously I didn’t continue my registration but when I was trying to leave their website, there’s something that popped out. It’s one of their staffs saying that I got a discount. Even if I got a discount, I will certainly not register in their site. If they are a legitimate website that offers “make money online”, then they won’t please me to join them. That is, if they really have many members.

Don’t be easily lured by “make money online” sites. Think first if it’s real.

I Work

And because I know there are only a few people who will read my blog post up to the last sentence, here’s a bonus for you! The truth is, I work as an online writer. I got my work from this site. I just saw it from Inquirer Newspaper last 2008 and I immediately googled it up. I didn’t pay any registration fee. It’s absolutely free. So how does their site earn? They get the 10% of my wage. Not bad at all since I’m using their tools which let my boss see what I’m already doing about my work.

There are two kinds of work there. The first one is fixed and the second one is hourly. Take it from me, never apply for a fixed job. Earning money from there has no assurance, unlike the hourly one. You may apply for fixed jobs though. Just take a look at the history of the boss on the site. You’ll see there if he’s paying his employees or not (I forgot what to call us. They say we’re not employees.).

So if you’re interested, you may sign up there. Any question about it? Just feel free to leave a comment here•Jenn Besonia


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