What is a Secured Business Loan

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To start a business, you will need a capital. If you have no enough money to be used as capital, you can start searching for business loans. Like the personal loans, it has two types: unsecured and secured business loan.

Secured Business Loan’s Meaning

Secured business loan is a type of loan given to persons who will use the money for their company/business. It is called secured because if you stop paying your lender, he won’t lose much money. The collateral’s presence is very important because it is used as a pledge. In the event that you can’t pay anymore, the utilized collateral will be soon owned by the lender.

Some examples of assets that can be used as collateral are equipment or inventory, the small company association, home mortgage, car loan or lease, and computer leases. There are actually tons of properties that you can use. As long as it has a high cash value, your lender is likely to accept that as collateral.

Remember that the assets you used as a collateral will still be yours. It will just be transferred to their account once you didn’t pay.

The Collateral

In order to decide how much your lenders could comfortably lend you, lenders would review or check out your collateral. They should really make sure that they won’t be losers in the end. Usually, the value of your collateral should be equal or greater than the amount of money you’re asking for.

Equity in your home, accounts receivable, inventory and equipment of the company are the most common types of collateral used in secured business loan.

Here are some of the things you should check about your company before asking for a secured business loan from any lender.

Number of years
Your lender would ask you how many years your company is running, or simply the age of your company. Most lenders require at least three years in this.

Size of the company

There are lenders who just lend money to huge company. But there are also ones who lend to small company. Just look for a lender that would fit your company size.

Amount of money needed
Diverse lenders have different amount of secured business loan range. So it is best to look for one that will suit your needs, one that will give you enough money for your business transactions.


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