What to Consider on Choosing TV Stands

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Because of the trendy, sleek design, high resolution and lucid pictures of LCD TVs, a good place for these hi-tech TVs should also be considered. Poor stand will just spoil its chic style.

The good thing is, there are a lot of stylish LCD TV stands in the market today. It comes in different shapes and sizes. It could be metal if you want it to be so hard, fiberglass for that elegant look, wood for the traditional ones, or any other material or finishes. This includes wood enamel, metallic and also luxurious lacquers.

Other than the looks of TV stands, people should also consider if the stand they will be buying can bear the weight of their TV. The stand should satisfy the weight of the TVs which are printed on its manuals. Sizes do not necessarily imply its weight capacity. It actually depends on the materials used in making the stand.

Secondly, you should also consider the floor space. If you have a big living room what you need might be a stand with swivel. It allows the TV to be twisted in whichever path around a vertical axis which will make it be glimpsed in all angles inside the room. Rotating a TV will be easy but there should be sufficient space from the wall to do this. Or if you fond of shifting your TV from one place to another, there are stands with wheels and casters. It is ideal to have those convenient stands if your house has many rooms.

Design should also be considered as it is the first thing noticed by the visitors of your house. The color of the stand must harmonize with the room’s design. For traditional looks, wooden stands are the best. Whereas metal and fiberglass ones suit on the fashionable decors.

LCD TV stands’ prices range from hundred dollars to thousand dollars. But if you are creative, you can just hire a carpenter who will customize a stand that you like.


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