Samsung Touch of Color LCD TVs: Artful Either On or Off

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In this high-technology era, LCD TVs are no longer a new thing but Samsung’s Touch of Color LCD TV gives a new excitement for all technology lovers out there. You might think if this only a trick, an innovation, something that sets the trend or just a witty campaign so it will gain buyers? Partly, each of it is correct.

These past few years, diverse kinds of LCD TVs are competing for the high market shares on its sales. Every company is using their creativity for them to be able to produce high quality products. One of them is Samsung. They have tried a new method so they will be absolutely distinguished from the others. Because of this, they have invented LCD flat screen TVs called Touch of Color.

Touch of Color earned Samsung a success, which is evident through its blustery popularity among their consumers. The superb design of it might have contributed on its triumph. Who won’t like a distinctive color that has the allusion of amber shade unified with the blackness of customary piano? These mixed colors make the Touch of Color LCD eye-catching, glossy and smooth.

The recognition of Touch of Color LCDs showed that people desire to have artful TVs not only while they are watching shows from it, but also while it is unused. Well, it illustrates that people want their TV to be one of their houses’ assets. Because of this demand, other manufacturers of TV might also improve their own styles and designs in the forthcoming years.

The exterior of the TV is the focus of the Touch of Color’s design element. Its simplicity offers no other unessential things such as bells or whistles. Touch of Color doesn’t stop on its design elements as it is not only for display. Users of it will also check its performance while it is turned on, and Samsung appears not to frustrate its buyers on this decisive factor either. It presents a packed 1080p picture for its crucial HD resolution. In effect, the fundamental nature of an extraordinary high clarity television is achieved on its fresh, lucid images.

Samsung presents a response time which is 4ms. Not only that. It also has 120hz frame rate accompanying its Auto Motion Plus, a kind of technology. This permits the TV to interrupt between frames which results to a smooth conversion. It grips motion tremendously well in contrast with LCD models before; thus, it is superb for shows such as sports or even your favorite movies where speedy movements arise.

You might be already impressed with the 25,000:1 contrast ratio of the predecessors’ model, you might be more astonished with the new model’s 50,000:1contrast ratio. If you’re wondering what contrast ratio is, it is simply the capability to make dark blacks if you want dark pictures, or bright whites if you prefer the light ones. Higher contrast ratio is better because it will help to see pure images and not the washed out ones we see on TVs due to lower contrast ratio.

Infolink is another feature contained by Samsung TVs. With this, you can have the right to use free RSS news and sports. Stock and weather updates are also provided. This is because an Ethernet port is included in the TV.
Even though Touch of Color’s style and features are not pioneering innovation, there is no doubt that it brought a hit to people. Because of this, it is possible that TVs considered as pieces of arts will start to be a trend soon. Either the TV is turned on or off, arts will just find its own way to be part of your ever-dreamed TV.

Eye-catching, smooth and invigorating HD images on the screen compose the Touch of Color LCD. Undoubtedly it is a competitive flat screen available on the market nowadays.


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