LCD TVs’ Benefits to its Users

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Aside from the low profile and additional space, LCD TVs offer more benefits to its users such as its higher resolution in comparison to other TVs. It is astonishing that it looks like it does not have a glare because it has only a low one. The reason is it is not like the typical TVs that has curved TV screen which allows the lights to be caught by the usual TVs and then sending it to people who watch in glare appearances.

LCD TVs can be compared to mirrors due to its characteristics. It is only exposed to disturbances of lights from specific path. The TV will not produce a light to you except when the light source is so powerful coming from that definite spot.

Unlike normal TVs, LCD kinds of TVs have no cathode ray tube. Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) is a gun which hastily shoots out electrons at the façade of a usual TV. Due to this, the electrons hit a surface which shines or glimmers, creating a pixel on TV screens.

Not only curved screens are needed by a CRT TV but also adequate depth that will position an electric gun at the back of it. After it, the image will be shot out of the TV. On the contrary, flat LCD Television utilizes a light source plus it has filters that polarize. Slim layers of Liquid Crystals are also present between these. This makes LCD TV, slender and competent if we will talk about space.

Obviously, Liquid Crystal Display TVs are more costly compared to the usual TVs. Yet, the former consumes less power than the latter. It will just mean that you can now save more money than you did because your electricity bill will decrease.

Another advantage of LCD TVs are its image clarity that the other TVs can not offer that much. This is simply because of the curved screens that are present in typical TVs which make the images less clear. The resolution and boundaries are excellently made in contrast with accustomed TVs. You can prove it by yourself once you start using an LCD TV. You can more notice this difference if you will watch DVD programs than TV programs though. It is because the former has higher resolution. So if you are a movie-hooked person, there will be no doubt that this kind of TV will fit your need.


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