Factors to Consider on Choosing LCD TVs

December 28, 2008 § 1 Comment

There are several factors that you need to consider when you’re going to choose for an LCD TV. The price and size are the most important among these factors. It might be hard for you to know all the terms used when talking about LCD TVs but once you’ve started knowing these terms, you’ll see that it’s a tad easy.

When choosing an LCD TV, you should first think of the space available for it. Is your house large enough to accommodate a massive TV or not? Of course you should also consider if you want a big one or not. Some people, despite of the hugeness of their house do not want a big TV.

To help on deciding about the size of your TV, first you should measure the space in your house where the TV will be put. After knowing this, you’ll already know how big is the TV you can put up. Also, you need to consider about the placing of the furniture in your house. Can your guests watch programs from TV at ease? If not, then you should restyle the arrangement of things in your house. There will always be a better way.

Next, measure the distance of the seats allotted for the viewers from the TV. TV’s that are at least 35 inch need to be placed 10 feet away from the seats while the larger ones need to be farther. To illustrate, a TV which is 60 inch must be 15-20 feet away from the spectators or else, their eye sights might be damaged.

Consider also the viewing angle, that is, the angle of where in the TV can be watched from the side right before the quality of the images begins to break down. Some models of TVs have better angle viewing than the other ones.

Plus, bear in mind that you also need to check the quality of the picture. The picture must be the one you are desiring for. Then go back to the screen size. Is the size of it the one that you want and can accommodate? The best size always depends on your need and not on the other kinds of TVs in the store.

Choose a TV that has anti-glare coating if the light coming from the outside is not that great. Yet, remember that all TVs are affected by lights despite of its kind. There is no exception. When fixing your room where the TV will be placed, you should not forget to consider that.

Usually, when people are talking about LCD TVs, HDTV is inevitable to be part of the conversation. If you are fond of HDTV, then choose an LCD TV with HDTV. That will be like heating two birds with one stone! Isn’t it amazing? The price of the TV will depend on its features. Before buying, I also suggest you make some research. This will help you on choosing the TV you like.

Among LCD TVs, Sharp and Samsung are the two main competitors of it. Despite of that, there is no difference whether you buy the former or the latter. Just find one that will be the best for you.


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  • John says:

    Would also add that the new LCD TV designs these days are optimized for gaming applications as well. So the best HDTVs are not just for watching TVs and favorite movies anymore but also for enjoying the amazing graphics of your favorite games.

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