Choosing LCD TVs: 7 Easy to Follow Steps

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LCD Display has many tiny cells which are called pixels. It also has fluorescent back light. This produces light to a mirror and then projects it to the screen. The excellence and sharpness of the figure that you receive also depend on the pixel. In recent times, due to the hi-tech era, images are now as true as it is because of the capability of matching precise color tones.

Some of the popular models are: Samsung LN46A650, which is 46-inch, has 1080p and 120hz. Samsung LN40A650 which is 40-Inch, has 1080p and 120Hz. Samsung LN52A650 which is 52-Inch, has 1080p and 120Hz. Philips which is 37” Widescreen. All are LCD HDTV.

Comparing shops than comparing brands is more useful if you are going to buy a flat screen TV. You should also test out sites such as Target and Best Buy for great buys. Circuit City and Wal-Mart are also good sites for it. There are tons of good deals there. Things that are for extravagance before have turned into items of consumption because of the continuous development in technology. Manufacturers are now having a regular price war which gives them a smaller profit margin.

Few years ago, people think that LCD TVs would just be feasible in tinier sizes. Now that we have known about Samsung, Westinghouse Digital, and also Sharp and LG Philips, it is now safe to say that all those past notions are not true.

If you can not still decide which LCD TV you are going to buy, here are some tips that will surely help on making your decision.

You should first consider your money. Do a budget for buying your LCD TV. Second, choose the size of the TV you will buy. It should always fit with the size of your room. 27’ is the typical panel size but it still depends on your definite needs.

Third, think of the features you are looking for in a TV. Various LCD sets appear in the company of memory card slots. Camcorders are also part of LCD sets sometimes.

Fourth, consider where you like speakers to be at. Do you want it to be on either sides of the panel or you just want it at the bottom?

Fifth, make sure viewing angles will fit to the arrangements of seating in your room.

Sixth, ask yourself, “What quality of picture do I want?” For instance, if you are fond of bigger screens compared to 30”, 1366 X 768 resolution will be suggested.

Finally, be friendly to other experienced customers of a store. Ask them about the TV you desire to buy because their answers would really be a big help. The store staffs’ recommendations will also be credible because they know much about this thing.


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