Cash Vs Credit Card: Which One Should You Use for Christmas Shopping?

December 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

Knowing the fact that it’s really economical to use cash than credit cards, there are also some instances when you should use the latter than the former. It depends on the situation.

For example, if you are a typical shopper and you’ll be shopping in a mall or department store, you should really pay using cash or debit cards instead of credit cards to avoid mountainous debts.

But if you’re going to try shopping through the internet or what we call “online shopping”, you will need to utilize your credit card in order to pay for the item you purchase. But, you should be sure that you’ll pay your debt before Christmas.

There were some people who said that cash would be out of date after 10 years. No, that won’t happen and it’s still better to use cash than credit cards. Cash usually has no interests unlike credit cards.

It’s really great shopping using your cash. Unfortunately, most companies just keep on improving their products regardless how much the new product will cost. Their attention is now on quality. But the people still want to buy it even though it doesn’t fit to their budget.

Before, there were only few people who had large debts. This is because of one simple reason. They didn’t buy the things they couldn’t afford to buy. If they had enough money on the next week or even the next month, then that was the time when they’d be buying the item. People now are a bit ambitious and excited to have diverse things, even if they really don’t NEED it, and they just WANT it. And what’s that? It’s just greediness. People always focus on the things they don’t have. Satisfaction is very hard to put into their mind.

Also in the old times, people don’t give expensive gifts. Some don’t even give any gift. It’s not because they’re not thoughtful enough. They just value the presence of people with them on Christmas and the gifts are just bonus.

If you think of the things I’ve said, probably you can free your future from foreclosures, bankruptcies. Not only that. You can even retire at the age you want without thinking where you are going to get money for your living because you’ve saved enough money for it.


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