Gift Giving in a Special Way

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Christmas is very near! Because of this, you might have already planned which gifts to buy for this year’s Christmas. With this erratic economy, you should really be careful and smart enough on buying gifts, something that your friend or family will treasure for a life time. Actually, your gifts don’t need to be expensive. There are a lot of cheap gifts out there that your love one will surely appreciate.

How can you do that? Well, I can give you some tips on how to choose superb gifts that don’t require large amount of money.

Do you have the skills in baking? That’s great then! The recipient of your gifts would surely like your gift if you bake some cookies and muffins for them. You can also add diverse kinds of teas along with these mouthful foods. To make these foods more special, purchase a basket and wrapper from any store. By the way, if you also know how to make jams and jellies, you can also give these ones along with the muffins. It doesn’t cost that much and the better thing is, it’s good for the health of the recipient.

For your friends who are addicted to things that would make them prettier and cleaner, you may give them a basket which is full of body wash, scrub, and bath and body lotions. These items are inexpensive and you can even design your own basket. Fill this basket with scents. Just be sure that you know what kind of scent your friend likes.

What about your friends who are hooked to coffee? You may purchase a box of coffees that have different flavors. You can also give this along with the basket of muffins.

Aroma therapy candles might also satisfy your friend. Buy a CD that contains mellow music so your friend can relax while doing his aroma therapy using candles. The CD and candles are available almost everywhere but if you’re having a hard time looking for one in your place, you may just purchase via online. Some sites offer 50% discount.

Your bookworm friend will be delighted if you give him some books. With the emerging “book sale” stores, books now are not costly. But if you buy in a book sale, make sure the book you’re going to give to your friend does not look dilapidated.

For your music lover friend, give him a CD of his favorite songs. Compile those songs into one CD. I bet he will really like that gift!

Giving gifts doesn’t really need to be a heavy burden for you. Use this occasion to show your love to your family and friends by simply giving the “special” gift to them.


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