What is Lower Back Pain Exercise For?

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What is lower back pain? Is it a pain on your lower back? Can we define it just by those simple words? As I’ve known, lower back pain is any ache that you experience in the back of yours. It falls above the legs but lower than the ribs. This area is usually the main target of any injury because it is the hinge of your body. The lower and upper part of your body meets there. Generally, aches are produced because of twisting motions that reach beyond the extension of your arms and strength or heaving something without using your knees. If you want to work out the pain, I suggest you do a lower back pain exercise.

Before that lower back pain exercise, let’s first know the causes of lower back pain. The cause for your pain may dictate the type of lower back pain exercise you choose as different injuries may require different treatments. These exercises are also different from upper back pain exercise due to the different muscle groups involved in the injury. Exercising the wrong area could actually aggravate the pain you have so it is important that you have a handle as to the cause.

Misjudging your strength and lifting something too heavy can cause pain as can contact sports, a car accident or even stepping off a curb the wrong way. Diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis are culprits, herniated discs and loss of muscle and bone mass due to aging. All of these conditions require lower back pain exercise regiments to ease the pain and strengthen your body to prevent more injuries.

There are three main lower back pain exercise types to consider and what it all boils down to is strengthening the core of your body which in turn supports the spine and eases the aches. Stretching, aerobic and strength training are all keys to reducing or even getting rid of pain in the lower back.

With stretching lower back pain exercise, the movements warm your muscles up to prevent further injury as well as maintain flexibility. Aerobic activities help oxygenate the blood which can make your recovery progress faster while strengthening lower back pain exercise targets the legs, back and stomach areas, places that provide the most support for all body movements.

The kind of lower back pain exercise depends on the injury you have. People are really different from each other. For example, what’s easy for him might be so difficult for you. Back pain exercise is also like that. Just because a certain exercise works well for him, it doesn’t mean that the effectiveness of that exercise is also good for you. Also, when your lower back pain is gone, you should still keep on doing some exercises daily so that no more back pain will hunt you.


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