Why Fuseboxx Band?

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One of the logos of Fuseboxx, the progressive band from Philippines vocalist and keyboardist of Fuseboxx

All the Red Horse Beer rock legends are brilliant musicians. Of course the judges of Red Horse Muziklaban wouldn’t choose them if they weren’t. Each band has their own “kind of music”. What is the same denominator of all the Red Horse Muziklaban Champions? They are all great bands yet they’ve got diverse genres which surely distinguishes them from the other bands.

My own choice among these magnificent bands is Fuseboxx, the female-fronted band who made it as a champion in Red Horse Muziklaban 2003. I salute them for being brave to choose progressive genre, despite the fact that everyone knows it isn’t a popular or isn’t well-embraced by most of the filipinos. Worse, some people don’t even know that progressive genre is existing.

Knowing the fact that the genre they chose to play on is progressive, it just really shows they’ve got lots of knowledge and talent regarding music. Man, progressive genre is one of the hard-to-do kinds of music, as I know. From the odd time signatures to the must-be length of songs. I’ve read that in a progressive song, five minutes is the shortest length. And Fuseboxx won’t be boring to listen to despite of this long range of each song.

But the main reason why I love this band is because of Ms.Abby Clutario. It’s not because of her physical appearance. Yeah, she totally has the angelic face but it’s more than that. Ms. Abby’s voice is sooo good. Or should is i say the best? I, myself was a witness of her greatness in singing. I’m grateful to be trained by her in our choir when I was in high school. It’s very perfect when she sings. The voice is whole and thick, literally. “Swabe” I must say. I’m always more amazed by the alto singers just like Ms.Abby than the soprano ones. She’s the icon who proved that those who sing as a choir member can also rock your world(she didn’t directly state it though. She just showed it.) !

Mico, Rod, Les and Eric are also splendid musicians. I can’t elaborate their being excellent band members though. I don’t want to pretend I’m a professional drummer, guitarist, bassist or synths-player. I don’t know much about these instruments. Just the basic information or basic playing of those instruments is all I know. All I can say is they produce sufficing music for me.

I don’t care if they aren’t renowned. I don’t care if many people don’t even know them. That’s a plus to their oddness. And that’s a plus to their coolness.


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