Seek for your Own Baby Boomer Fashion Style

November 1, 2008 § 2 Comments

Fashion is for all, isn’t it? I do not believe that when you’re already old or when you’re a certified member of “baby boomers”, you don’t have to be conscious anymore about the clothes you are wearing. I am more amazed to those people. Despite of their age, they still manage to make themselves presentable, good-looking and also attractive. Now who says fashion is just for the teens?

But of course when we talk about baby boomer fashion, we should consider some things before we decide which clothes or styles are the best for them. Does the style fit with their age? Take note also that being fashionable does not mean jumping to the band wagon or simply wearing the clothes that are currently “in”. You should first consider your personality. Each personality needs a special kind of fashion. For example, when you see that a dress perfectly fits with somebody else, it does not mean that it will also look good on you. So how will you know? Try. If you like her fashion, then go on. Try wearing that kind of dress. Look in to the mirror and see if it also fits with you like it does with the other woman. If you are doubting with your self-opinion, seek some help from your pals, family or who ever can give you an honest opinion and will not just say “wow you look good” just because she’s too afraid to offend you.

If your trusted friend said the dress truly looks good on you, well that’s a good news. But if she said you look like a baby boomer who seems to wish to be a teen again, look for another kind of style. There are still a lot of baby boomer fashion styles out there and I know one day you’ll find one that perfectly fits for you. And when you find one, the next time you’ll be looking for a dress for yourself won’t be that hard anymore. Just be patient on the first day of seeking the best baby boomer fashion style for you.


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§ 2 Responses to Seek for your Own Baby Boomer Fashion Style

  • Joyce says:

    As A boomer, I truely believe that there is not a fashion fit for my generation. I can’t squeeze my body into the hip and cool clothes in the junior section, thank God. And as far as other clothes go, they seem to clunky for me. The Goodwill and other second hand stores are a good alternative. An old vest, some beads and you are stylin!

  • jbesonia says:

    Joyce, there’s always a thing that will suit to a person. Just don’t focus on the clothes that are “in” because usually, those ones are just for the teenagers. Why not try scrutinizing the clothes of the other people who are at the same age with you? I bet you’d find something that will also look good on you. =)

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