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Under Southern Lights, the fourth album of Urbandub, has been released last year’s December, as I remember. Though it isn’t a newly released album for this year, I reckon it still deserves to be reviewed.

As I’ve read in Urbandub’s yahoogroup(urbandub_music@yahoogroups.com), many people remarked they love the latest album yet some also criticized that in USL, Urbandub deviated away from their heavy and loud sound. Yes, truly in their fourth album, it’s really different from their first album Birth. Despite this diversity of sound, the band still has that “urbandub style”. This style won’t be taken away from them even if they play music from the heavy rock to the melodious and not-so-loud songs.

As of now, three songs from USL has been their single, allowing them to put their songs to be on top of the hit charts and several radios rock songs’ countdowns. These three splendid songs are Guillotine, Evidence, and the current single The Fight is Over.

Listening to their first single from USL, Guillotine, I thought the sound of this album would be just like the predecessor, Embrace. The sound of Guillotine is a tad close to First of Summer. The bass lines of the latter are more obvious than the former though.

Evidence is a song for those people who caught their partner “in the arms of another”. Oh, that’s really an “evidence” to break up with him! As usual, Gaby Alipe sings very emotional here. By listening to his singing, you could end up saying “brilliant lyricist and singer!”.

The Fight is Over is a favorite of those who just had an argument with his love one. Quoting one of those who expressed their interpretation about this song, “it’s like Gaby has written all the things that people couldn’t say after having a fight with their boyfriend or girlfriend”. Oh, it’s Gaby again! You might sense I’m an avid fan of him. Mind you, the rest of the band is also great. With Lalay Lim showing her bass guitar effects through the sound, John Dinopol doing his guitar tricks, and Janjan Mendoza’s drumming, this four-piece band ultimately sounds not individually but as a one band.

The unreleased songs are also magnificently made. Try listening to Life is Easy. Intro part is a credit to the bassist Lalay. This woman didn’t ever disappoint us with her bass lines and I reckon she won’t dissatisfy us even on their next albums. Her talent on playing a bass guitar gets better and better which is evident by their compositions.

The first track on this album, An Invitation is a fine intro for the album. It’s like “an invitation” for the spectators of the album to keep on listening to the whole of it. Followed by Anthem, the up-beat music of it gives life to its crestfallen-lyrics.

And if you’re thinking that this album is all about melancholies and abhorrence, that’s a big no-no. There’s still Cebuana and She Keeps me Warm. These two songs are so sweet as if the writer was never hurt. I’m always dumbfounded after listening to Mendoza’s drumming in Cebuana. The acceleration is absolutely astonishing.

Alipe also has the capacity to make an abstract song which you’ll notice if you check the lyrics of A Method to Chaos. Though it isn’t that abstract, the simple words in it form a deeper meaning which I think Alipe himself could only explain.
The melodious voice of Kat Aggarrado of Sinosikat? perfectly fits in Udub’s collaboration with her in Inside the Mind of a Killer. The first time I heard it, I thought it was Lalay Lim because aside from being the bass guitarist of the band she also sings the second voice in most of their songs but then I’ve read in the back of the sleeve of the album that it’s Kat.

I haven’t mentioned much about Dinopol. He plays guitars well as it blends with the sound of the whole band but I reckon he doesn’t have so much exposure in each of their songs, unlike the other bands who allot the adlibs to their guitarists. Despite of this lack of exposure, if you listen intently to the songs in USL, you can observe that the effects of his guitar are distinctive.

Arguably, Under Southern Lights is a competent album. All of the songs in it are potential singles and I suppose those who have listened to it will totally concur with me.

If you also like Urbandub, join their forum. Yes, just click “forum”. I’ll be glad to see your posts there.


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