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Exam results are now released! So, what’s your score? How many of it composes your real score? Where’d you get your answer? Is it from your own brain or from your seatmate’s? Admit it or not, all people who are once students, have cheated in their exams at least once or twice. I still doubt if there are students who cheated just once or twice though. Or if you’ll say you didn’t ever cheat, I’ll remind you that liars go to hell. This cool-looking deed isn’t that easy to be avoided. It’s absolutely inevitable as most of the students know and experience.

Intermittently, I was also a cheater. I’m always a loser if we’ll talk about memorizing. Because of this, I needed to ask some answers to my “cheatmate” whenever the exam’s about definition of terms, identification and stuff. But that’s was. I stopped cheating since I realized something, rather, some things.

Why do we really cheat? It’s because of the one great illness of human. Consciously or not, students cheat because they don’t wanna admit that they aren’t brilliant at all things. Let’s face the fact that there are subjects where in we’re foolish. We can’t be great at everything because we’re human, we have our own stupidity. Or if you can’t still swallow the words “foolish” and “stupid”, let’s just defend ourselves by saying, “It isn’t my forte.”

Another thing that triggers students to cheat is their fear to their teacher. Most of the teachers in Philippines, especially those in the public schools, set “target score”. And when the student didn’t get the “target score”, the teacher starts to get angry to that student. Worse, some teachers keep on mentioning the low score of the student to the class which obviously embarrasses the student.

We can’t change this scenario for the reason that they’re teachers and we’re just students. Yet, we can do something for the betterment of our own feelings. Don’t get affected with what your teacher or other persons tell you about your low score. Set these words into your mind: “That’s just what I learned. What can they do? At least I didn’t cheat.”

Also, remember that school grades do not determine your personality neither your IQ. So don’t feel crest-fallen if ever you’ll sometimes receive a low score in your exams. But I’m not telling you not to study well anymore. Study so you’ll gain knowledge. Don’t just study for the grades. If these ideas get through you, I reckon you can now escape from the world of cheating and enter the real world of coolness!


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