How to Make your Christmas Shopping Easier

October 1, 2008 § Leave a comment

Many people have already started shopping since November. It’s now hard to shop since it’s inevitable that you’ll be part of the big crowd who are  also looking for Christmas gifts. This is true especially if you prefer shopping in a low-cost mall. These malls are frequently visited by a lot of shoppers because of different items the malls offer.

You’ve got two choices for your Christmas shopping. One is the traditional shopping at department stores and the other is shopping via the internet, also known as Online Shopping but now, we’ll focus on the traditional one.

There are some tips you can follow if you still prefer shopping at department stores.

1.) Make a Gift List
Before you shop, make sure you’ve already made a list of items you are planning to buy. Put a budget across each item and stick to this budget. If you mastered sticking to budget, this would allow you to be free from liabilities.

2.) Shop Early
You can start shopping in spring or summer days. Through this, you can have more time choosing gifts and you can even buy the best kind of the item you’re searching for. If you just start shopping in November or December, chances are, what you can buy are the items that are not chosen by the early shoppers. Meaning, you’ll just acquire the not-so-good-quality gifts. So start shopping early in the year to avoid this.

But if you haven’t shopped in spring days, and you’ve got no choice but to shop in the late fall, try going to malls early again but this time, what I mean on “early” is morning. You should also do your shopping at the beginning of the week or even in weekdays, not in weekends. Obviously there are more people rushing to malls in weekends.

3.) Go Directly to the Place
Once you arrive at the mall, go directly to the department store where you can find the gifts you are looking for. Don’t waste your time gazing at diverse items that you are not planning to buy. After buying what’s in your list, you can now do that window shopping and you can even buy the things that amazed you if you still have money left.

4.) Use Cash or Debit card, not Credit Card
Avoid using credit cards. If possible, pay using cash or debit card. Credit cards will just increase your debts but if you really need to use one, be sure that you’ll just use only one credit card and pay once you receive the bill. This will avoid interests of your debts to get higher and higher.

5.) Hunt for Sales
Be sure that you’re updated which malls near you offer sales. Put this into your schedule and arrive early in the mall. Since there are discounts, you can buy several of the same items if you can’t think anymore of unique gifts for some of you gift recipients.

6.) Shop within Two to Three Days
You actually don’t need to buy all the gifts and items you need in just one day. Two to three days will be good because this will allow you to choose quality gifts and not just buy gifts for the sake of buying.

Christmas shopping doesn’t really need to be a tiring deed. It should be one of the things you’ll be looking forward for.


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