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    • Moonleaf + Bunnies Cafe (Binondo) Review
      This place was featured on Spot as a new place in Binondo and I was excited to try it. They have board games and when we arrived at the place, there were already people playing. We sat at the corner of the cafe, behind me was a green door that turned out to be covering a […]
    • Spider-Man Tasked To Eat His Own Balls; Andrew Garfield Backs Out
      There had been a lot of speculation as to why Andrew Garfield will not be playing Spider-Man any more. In a twist of events, we have finally uncovered the real reason behind it. It turns out, in the upcoming movie, Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-man will eat his own balls. Valuing that precious part of him, […]
    • Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies
      In college (called university in some countries), I enjoyed our Logic class so much, especially learning about Logical Fallacies that people usually commit in arguments or just casual talking. Here’s a nice website explaining them, complete with samples! They’re freaking funny. The Ad Hominem sample is the best. Although my favourite is “False Cause”. Many [ […]
    • If it’s a Factory, the Focus must be a Chinese
      “Doesn’t matter if it’s a magical community. It’s still a factory!” – The train of thought that must be going through the director/writer’s head.
    • Neil deGrasse Tyson Selects the Eight Books Every Intelligent Person on the Planet Should Read | Brain Pickings
      The Bible (public library; free ebook), to learn that it’s easier to be told by others what to think and believe than it is to think for yourself The System of the World (public library; free ebook) by Isaac Newton, to learn that the universe is a knowable place On the Origin of Species (public […]
    • Untitled
      I’m watching Star Trek’s extras. They’re explaining how J.J. Abrams likes anamorphic lens as it looks gritty, realistic, and creates flares. Then comes two different clips of J.J. saying “Nice flare”. Another where he’s saying “The flare is good”. And another, “how’s the flare going?” I ship Abrams and all the flares in our galaxy.
    • Thoughts on The Purge (2013)
      “If there’s an anarchy day, what’s the worst thing you’d do?” This is a question on one of my old notebooks and instead of continuing to clean my cabinet, I got side-tracked and remembered that I need to watch The Purge. I just have to. I’ve been meaning to see that movie. A film about […]
    • Untitled
      I wish there was an international (or even universal! Hello, Galactic Police.) institution where you could complain to when your country is getting unbearably corrupt and just generally awful in creating laws.
    • You angered Gollum, Cady Heron
    • Norway, Jose
      A friend is going to Norway as an exchange student and I asked her what the Qs were when she was interviewed. Then of course, I tried to answer her as though I was being questioned. “How will you deal with homesickness?” “I’m sick of my home right now so I think going to Norway […]

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