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    • How Much Should I Charge On oDesk? How Much Should I Pay My Filipino Virtual Assistant? (Or Is It True Commodities In Philippines Are Cheap?)
      The real title of this post: How Potatoes Made Me Realise I Need To Increase My Hourly Rate There’s a misconception that “commodities in Philippines are cheap; therefore Filipinos should be paid less.” What people aren’t taking into consideration are “how cheap?”, “how long do Filipinos work just to be able to afford something?”, and “what […] […]
    • Scientists Discover Young Mice’ Blood Can Make Older Mice Healthier
        “It sounds like the dark plot of a vampire movie.” They’re already testing it on old people with Alzheimer’s Disease. Freaking interesting. So humans, if ever you’ll need blood transfusion, opt for blood from a young person. (Should be also compatible with your blood type, of course.) If you’d like to read the full […]
    • Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places
      It’s so addicting that I spent one Saturday mentally “partying” in this book. At some point, I even uttered “It’s even better than Gone Girl!”. I know; blasphemy, isn’t it? But such is the awesomeness of Dark Places. Also, I can’t wait for the movie. If you’re a Chloe Grace Moretz fan, this is definitely […]
    • Untitled
      “May I take your coat?” “Not wearing a coat.” “What’s all that?” “Clothes.” “May I take your clothes?” “Probably not.” This seems like a pick up line douche guys would say, except a Potato actually said it.
    • Things To Do In Singapore
      Luge I cannot stress enough how fun this ride is. You can race with your friends, go slowly while enjoying the scenery, or just go really fast, forgetting about everything–just you, the luge, and the track filled with trees on both sides. It’s like driving inside a forest, which just made it scarier when at […]
    • Untitled
      Ansel Elgort’s caption on Instagram: I may scream like a girl at the end, but I donated like a man!!! (Lol) Me: *screamed like a boy. You were still male when you were a kid, Ansel. You’re not a reversed clownfish that was born female and grew to be a male. Sorrynotsorry, Ansel. You’re cute, […]
    • Ying Ying Tea House (Binondo) Review
        One of the best food I’ve tasted in Singapore is Shrimp Dumpling. Imagine our excitement when my sister and I found a place here that sells it. Found in Binondo, Ying Ying Tea House is a Chinese restaurant. I googled for reviews before going to the place and it’s still beyond me how no one […]
    • A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami
        Close to the end, my reaction at one sentence in this book was “What? What the fuck?!” It was so weird and unexpected; I love it. Reading this will make you feel as though you’re observing someone else’s dream or even experiencing it yourself. However mundane some stuff are, Murakami managed to write about […]
    • Unfortunately, Babies Are Not Found in Cola Cans
        Screenshots from the movie Mary and Max.
    • The Things You Notice On Second Watching Of The Amazing Spider-Man (1)
      “Did you notice something odd in that scene where a guy was being bullied to eat vegetables?” “Remind me of the scene.” “Guy being held by the bully Flash. Peter tells Flash to put the guy down. Flash beats up Peter. Gwen talks to Flash, which makes him leave.” “…” “After watching it, I told […]

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