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    • Was Joffrey Poisoned Using Sansa’s Necklace Gem?
      After watching The Purple Wedding, I was disappointed they didn’t include Sansa’s hairnet in the show. Those who have read the books know that Sansa’s hairnet is an important part of The Purple Wedding. Its black amethyst could have (or not) been the source of poison put into Joffrey’s wine. However, the hairnet was actually changed […]
    • Untitled
      “You know, I’ve been told that a bald refusal of an invitation is rude and one must instead offer up a polite excuse, so I’d love to go, but unfortunately, that sounds awful.” -Sheldon
    • Passport Application (Philippines)
      On March 19, my sister and I applied for passport. I’ve read blog posts about how fast the process is, but in reality it isn’t. Maybe it’s because it’s March now; vacation months are coming. We’re scheduled for 3 PM and we got at Department of Foreign Affaris  (DFA) at 2. Here’s a part of […]
    • He Put My Ring In His Pocket!!!
      Originally posted on Happy Monkey Land and Other Musings on Life:Daily Prompt: Tainted Love.. Ever been dumped by a boyfriend or girlfriend? Was it a total surprise, or something you saw coming? Tell us your best worst breakup story. Never been the dumpee, always the dumper? Relate the story of a friend who got…
    • Best-selling book “Good Omens” by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett for sale
      SOLD I’m selling an extra copy of Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett at a discounted price. Hardback. New. British version. Original Price is P500, but I’m selling this for P400. I can ship anywhere in the Philippines. Payment should be made through Western Union or Paypal. No meet-up. I’m busy reading. I’ll […]
    • Loki and Sherlock are in War Horse
      What an entertaining movie! Who knew I’d like War Horse? I’d be lying if I say I’m interested in wars and horses, but I bought a DVD copy of War Horse from (an insanely cheap) sale because its cover says it’s a Steven Spielberg film. I associate Steven Spielberg with the enjoyable Sci-Fi film Super […]
    • What Did Number Four Do To Them?
      Mashable posted about how Facebook ID-ing works. If you want to brag about how few digits your ID has, open another tab on your browser and type http://graph.facebook.com/yourusernamehere . For example, I typed http://graph.facebook.com/huntressjenn and got 694468174. This isn’t really a big deal and just for you bored folks out there. If you want to know [… […]
    • And God Sayeth Let Jenn Have A Photo Of NZ Sheep
      GUS IN HOBBITON, NZ: Are there no sheep in Asia? Because all of the Asian tourists were taking photos of the sheep. WALL: Asian tourists take picture of everything. Sorry, Jenn, but it’s true. Huahuahuah —————————– JENN: I DEMAND A PHOTO OF A SHEEP. GUS: Who said that? JENN: I did! As an Asian, I […]
    • Harry Potter’s Butterbeer at Starbucks A.K.A. Three Broomsticks
      I’m not really into Starbucks, but today I went there to try their “secret” Butterbeer. The verdict: It tasted butter-ish and it’s a really nice drink. (I still ended up drinking more hot Dark Chocolate drink than it though.) Nonetheless, it’s worth a try, Potterheads! I shall now call Starbucks “Three Broomsticks”. Now all we […]
    • On Affleck as Batman
      All these hating towards Ben Affleck as Batman is ludicrous. Seems to me an influential person decided Affleck sucks in acting. Then lots of people who pretend to have good taste in judging which actors act well just followed suit. Besides, he’s Batman now, something that these people will never be. Rant over. I just […]

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