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    • Thoughts on The Purge (2013)
      “If there’s an anarchy day, what’s the worst thing you’d do?” This is a question on one of my old notebooks and instead of continuing to clean my cabinet, I got side-tracked and remembered that I need to watch The Purge. I just have to. I’ve been meaning to see that movie. A film about […]
    • Untitled
      I wish there was an international (or even universal! Hello, Galactic Police.) institution where you could complain to when your country is getting unbearably corrupt and just generally awful in creating laws.
    • You angered Gollum, Cady Heron
    • Norway, Jose
      A friend is going to Norway as an exchange student and I asked her what the Qs were when she was interviewed. Then of course, I tried to answer her as though I was being questioned. “How will you deal with homesickness?” “I’m sick of my home right now so I think going to Norway […]
    • Another Legit Invitation That I Got
      No idea why I keep getting loads of writing invitation jobs. I don’t even do writing gigs any more. Most of them don’t interest me.
    • This Is A Legit Job Invitation I Got
      Invitation to Interview for: WRITERS NEEDED for Billionaire Romance Stories/Novels - The start [of] each of the next story should NOT start off with sex/intercourse right away. (No? But I thought that’s how ALL love stories go?) - No scene of incest, rape or assault, beastly and all characters must be over 18 years old. […]
    • Babies Like Dogs
      My mum had three more babies. She just leaves them on our  house’ third floor, which got no higher walls. At this place, the babies are exposed to too much sunlight when it’s a sunny day, and get wet easily when it’s a rainy day. For these babies, a good day is rare. At one point, […]
    • Untitled
      You know you’ve been watching too much The Big Bang Theory lately when you’re at a classroom and you have to keep yourself from bursting into laughter because out of the blue, you remember the scene in which Sheldon confidently speaks in Mandarin, but the phrase he just said actually translates to “There’s a monkey […]
    • Time Travelling And The Beginning Of Time
      Science lovers, feast this month! Interstellar is now showing. If you love The Prestige, Memento, Insomnia, and/or Inception, there’s a high probability you’ll like this movie too. It’s directed by Christopher Nolan after all. Visually, the trailer wasn’t that much, but reading this article about it (spoiler-free, don’t worry) will make you want to see the [ […]
    • Just The Information I Need

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